Consuelo & James


Consuelo is one of those people that you meet and would like to have them around you for the rest of your days. This lady is made of all things good and funny with lashings of love.


A whirlwind of events led up to the wedding day but all was good with Consuelo having her two daughters Olivia and Jackie close to hand to sooth away any nerves.

Jim and I had been chatting via emails and I could feel I was corresponding with a really nice person. Upon meeting James I found him to be quite a quiet person, very calm. Underneath that exterior I also found a wickedly good sense of humour. Never underestimate the quiet ones!


Consuelo’s dress looked amazing. Very sexy and so great to take a side step away from the white/cream wedding dress. Consuelo told me that she had looked for a long time and eventually found the dress online. No alterations needed as it fitted her perfectly from the start.

The Bridesmaids —Jackie, Olivia, Madeline and Claire.


The ceremony was performed by Jim who is one of Jim’s closest friends. Olivia sang the song ‘Todos Vuelven’ as her mother walked down the aisle. This song was a favourite of Consuelo’s mother who used to sing it to Consuelo encouraging her to join in. A very touching moment.

Jim with his daughters Madeline & Claire. Consuelo with Philip and his partner Jim who held the ceremony.

“As a wedding photographer, you get to spend time with your clients and share intimate moments, interesting conversations about their lives and what brought them together. It was during Consuelo's make-up and hair preparations that I got to know a little about her and her family. Consuelo's mom was from Perú so that provided an explanation to the name. I was fascinated by her stories, a past mixed with joy and hard blows, a present of illusion and a future filled with hope and happiness together with James, her soon to be husband.Unknown to us then, these facts would be masterfully resumed later during dinner, in the most touching speech we have witnessed to date. The casual feel of the day didn't prepare us to what we were about to take in later. Our wedding planner friend Philippa and I could only look at each other with watery eyes and wide open mouths.”Ramiro at Fotografia Sitges


The D.J and dance floor had been set up outside for the evening party. The D.J knew exactly what to play and they loved him for it. There is a gentleman three lines up that is wearing an orange bow tie and he was on the dance floor for a very LONG time. He was brilliant and definitely had the moves.

I loved this wedding. The couple, their families and their friends. Happy vibes the whole day.

Philippa Wyatt