Eco - Friendly Wedding Dress

We all need to consider how we can reduce our carbon footprint. I would like to share with you part of an article from Hitched which gives some tips on reducing the impact on our environment. This blog site is UK based so links will be in the UK. There are however many blogs that are featuring articles on Eco - Weddings so for sure you will find similar articles in your country.

Go For a Vintage or Pre-Loved Dress

Reusing a dress by going vintage or pre-loved is a great eco option and reduces the cost. Tara recommends Abigail’s Vintage Bridal and the luxury site Open For Vintage as great places to start your search. For second-hand dresses, StillWhite is your first stop to get a designer bargain and Preloved. This is equally as relevant for bridesmaids dresses – vintage styles flatter most body types so your girls will all find something they love.

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Barcelona, Sitges


Town in Spain


Sitges is a coastal town in Spain's Catalonia region, southwest of Barcelona, backed by the mountainous Parc Natural del Garraf. It's known for its Mediterranean beaches and seafront promenade lined with grand mansions. Sitges is close to the airport for Barcelona and a 40 minute train journey to the City. The weather conditions are sun, sun, sun with a few rainy outbursts to keep the area green (we almost never have to experience ‘drizzle’). The food and wine are delicious. A good bottle of red is only going to cost around 6 euros. Winter months are normally dry with sunshine so you’ll need sunglasses with your coat. Then there are the fiestas which happen throughout the year. Festa Major is in August and the streets are taken over with diablos (devils) and fireworks. Carnaval is during the colder months. Next year Tues, Feb 18 to Wed, Feb 26. This is a great time for clients to come over for menu trail, hair & make-up trial, meet the services as you get an incredible party thrown in. This little village is perfect destination for weddings. Please get in touch for more info on holding your wedding here.

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BRIDAL SASS – A Style Savvy Wedding Shoot Inspired by Bianca Jagger

Frikking hell you are going to love these photos. Please click here to see the full blog on Festival Brides. This shoot was done locally and shot by Jo Kemp who is available for weddings. She is great stuff and a GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER.

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Massive thanks to Once Wed for this highlight!

Did you know the average wedding emits 63 tons of CO2? That’s more than a single person emits in a full year! Operating in a beautiful, natural environment such as Aspen, Colorado, Bluebird Productions knows a thing or two about planning a sustainable and eco-friendly celebration. We asked for their top tips for how you too can strive to tread lightly on the environment when it comes to your wedding day. We think you’ll find it’s easier than you’d expect.


Think Local: Everything looks best when it fits the locale. Look for local flowers, local food and beverage options and gifts for your gift bag. Not only will your carbon footprint be smaller, but you will be supporting the locale!

  • The goodies: Skip the bubbles and other goodies wrapped in plastic. Select welcome bag items and favors that are mindfully manufactured packaged. If you can source these locally, even better! Edible favors ensure that the item ends up in a belly instead of a landfill.

  • Decor: Put a little extra thought into decor to reduce waste! Would live plants supplement cut flowers nicely with your design? Can you use soy wax candles? A lovely linen using natural fibers versus manufactured fibers will reduce your carbon footprint as well.

  • Waste: Every event has it! Talk to your venue team and event planner to set up a plan for recycling and compost.

  • Paper: We adore paper. Beautiful paper can still be gentle on the environment though. Talk to your stationer to consider paper and inks that are gentle on the environment.

  • Shipping: Plan ahead instead of rushing items to your wedding venue with overnight shipping. Consolidate packages when appropriate and possible as well. This will result in less packaging waste and weight.

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Kelly & David 2019

What an amazing day. Both Kelly and Dave were the most laid back, relaxed couple of people about to be wed. The entire day was beautiful. Whilst prep was taking place guests were relaxing beside the pool. The venue is so pretty and quiet that I think it sends out sprinkles of calm over anyone that stays there. I even had time to make Kelly a bouquet from the wild flowers around the venue. Perfect day. Congratulations & Love to K & D.

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The Eco-Friendly Wedding

Hedgerow Blooms 

I know an amazing mate/photographer named Jo Kemp. Jo recently posted on her blog an interesting article on how to become a more eco-friendly bride. Please click here for the full post and Jo's 5 great tips.

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-26 at 2.09.56 PM.jpeg

Being a verge stalker I have always wanted a bride to ask me to create a wedding using flowers that are growing wild. Here in Spain I don't have the abundance of wild flowers that you get in my wetter homeland of the UK. However we do get the olives, vines and grasses and definitely splashes of colour. The basket above is a result of a walk yesterday morning with my dog Maggie.


These 2 photos are the result of my rummage in the hedgerows. The bouquet doesn't have any large blooms but instead it is beautiful and wispy. This shape would work perfectly with a long straight wedding dress.


The boutonnières are a lovely mix of dry and fresh grasses and flowers. These small flowers would work beautifully with a floral crown, wrist corsage, ankle corsage etc. I have a growing Pinterest board dedicated to eco-florals. To view the board please click here.

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Bodega Wedding For Jess & Simon

Please click HERE to go and see a sneak preview of Steve's great photos from the recent wedding of Jess & Simon. An amazing day! I have loved working with Jess, we had a great time bringing the day together. I am going to miss her. Thankfully I still have Steve's photos to look forward to.

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Gemma & Kieren - A Wedding in Costa Brava

Photographer - Jo Kemp
Venue - El Far
Flowers - Magda Florista

Jill & Aaron - Wedding Flashback 2017

A few photos from a very cool & sexy couple. Big thanks to Alice at Nou Studio for these images.


To view the review from Jill & Aaron please go to my Feedback page.

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Adam & Nikki

This was a very small intimate wedding. The guest number was 30 including a good giggling group of children. The day was really relaxed and I loved decorating the old wooden tables that are at this venue. Casa Felix

The day unfolded with a lovely calm. The children were in the pool and there was a very peaceful no stress feel coming from everyone.

Dougie with his Dad

Dougie with his Dad

Beautiful Nikki

Beautiful Nikki

Philippa Wyatt
Consuelo & James

Consuelo is one of those people that you meet and would like to have them around you for the rest of your days. This lady is made of all things good and funny with lashings of love.


A whirlwind of events led up to the wedding day but all was good with Consuelo having her two daughters Olivia and Jackie close to hand to sooth away any nerves.

Jim and I had been chatting via emails and I could feel I was corresponding with a really nice person. Upon meeting James I found him to be quite a quiet person, very calm. Underneath that exterior I also found a wickedly good sense of humour. Never underestimate the quiet ones!


Consuelo’s dress looked amazing. Very sexy and so great to take a side step away from the white/cream wedding dress. Consuelo told me that she had looked for a long time and eventually found the dress online. No alterations needed as it fitted her perfectly from the start.

The Bridesmaids —Jackie, Olivia, Madeline and Claire.


The ceremony was performed by Jim who is one of Jim’s closest friends. Olivia sang the song ‘Todos Vuelven’ as her mother walked down the aisle. This song was a favourite of Consuelo’s mother who used to sing it to Consuelo encouraging her to join in. A very touching moment.

Jim with his daughters Madeline & Claire. Consuelo with Philip and his partner Jim who held the ceremony.

“As a wedding photographer, you get to spend time with your clients and share intimate moments, interesting conversations about their lives and what brought them together. It was during Consuelo's make-up and hair preparations that I got to know a little about her and her family. Consuelo's mom was from Perú so that provided an explanation to the name. I was fascinated by her stories, a past mixed with joy and hard blows, a present of illusion and a future filled with hope and happiness together with James, her soon to be husband.Unknown to us then, these facts would be masterfully resumed later during dinner, in the most touching speech we have witnessed to date. The casual feel of the day didn't prepare us to what we were about to take in later. Our wedding planner friend Philippa and I could only look at each other with watery eyes and wide open mouths.”Ramiro at Fotografia Sitges


The D.J and dance floor had been set up outside for the evening party. The D.J knew exactly what to play and they loved him for it. There is a gentleman three lines up that is wearing an orange bow tie and he was on the dance floor for a very LONG time. He was brilliant and definitely had the moves.

I loved this wedding. The couple, their families and their friends. Happy vibes the whole day.

Philippa Wyatt