The Eco-Friendly Wedding


Hedgerow Blooms 

I know an amazing mate/photographer named Jo Kemp. Jo recently posted on her blog an interesting article on how to become a more eco-friendly bride. Please click here for the full post and Jo's 5 great tips.

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Being a verge stalker I have always wanted a bride to ask me to create a wedding using flowers that are growing wild. Here in Spain I don't have the abundance of wild flowers that you get in my wetter homeland of the UK. However we do get the olives, vines and grasses and definitely splashes of colour. The basket above is a result of a walk yesterday morning with my dog Maggie.


These 2 photos are the result of my rummage in the hedgerows. The bouquet doesn't have any large blooms but instead it is beautiful and wispy. This shape would work perfectly with a long straight wedding dress.


The boutonnières are a lovely mix of dry and fresh grasses and flowers. These small flowers would work beautifully with a floral crown, wrist corsage, ankle corsage etc. I have a growing Pinterest board dedicated to eco-florals. To view the board please click here.

Philippa Wyatt